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Catalyze Your Age-Defying DNA To Supercharge Your Results Finally Giving You Tight, Toned Skin and a Slim, Sexy Figure in a Fraction of the Time!!!

Wow, I mean…just WOW!!!

 It’s Meredith again and I just wanted to take this time to congratulate you on your decision to invest in YOURSELF with The Aphrodisiac Secret™.

I’m totally blown away by your ambition to give yourself such an amazing gift.

Every woman wants to feel the buzz of youthful energy, the glow of tight, toned radiant skin, and the sleek, sexy figure that makes you feel like a million bucks bathed in heroin…

But few women actually TAKE ACTION to achieve any of this.

Only the elite 1% actually do ANYTHING at all to give themselves the gift of a lifetime of radiant, joyful youth and energy to burn…

Since you clearly know how to seize on a truly amazing opportunity to mold your magnificent body on a molecular level…you won’t just HAVE it, you’ll DESERVE it!

So just take some time to bathe in that marvelous feeling…let it wash all over you!

Feel the tingles of that energy moving through every cell of your body RIGHT NOW.

Let your heart leap inside of your chest as you feel the excitement of knowing that from this day forward…

A new, sexier, more energetic, and joyful you is about to take hold.

21 Days from today you’ll look back on this day as one of the most memorable days of your life.

Because the changes you’re about to make, the body you’re about to reveal, and the youthful, energetic allure you’re about to active deep inside of your own cells…is going to positively SHOCK YOU.

I want you to think of me as your personal coach and mentor along this journey.

Guiding you by the hand and nurturing you every step of the way so that you get the results you deserve, see the slim, toned, sexy woman who’s skin, body, energy and allure just seem to defy the laws of gravity.

You may not recognize yourself.

Your husband, or boyfriend may not recognize you.

Everyone won’t just notice how much better you look, but will feel the confidence, the vitality, and the allure that wafts through the air with every light, energetic step you take.

So, with that in mind…and because you’re clearly a distinguished woman who takes action, I would like to reward you for making this outstanding decision and giving yourself this gift.

Let Me Help You Hit The Ground Running So You Dump More Octane into the Youth Enhancing Cellular Machinery You’re About To Turn ON

Warning: I am giving you dynamite to catapult your results in a short amount of time... SO beware that your energy levels and sexiness will go off the charts!

What you’ll receive in the 4-Day Fast-track Plan:

Completely done for you 4-day Fast-Track Plan, including:

  • 4-day blueprint to get you on a fast track to transformation.
  • 12 simple, fast and delicious recipes for you to follow.
  • PLUS 4 snacks

We have done all the work for you here, no headache of deciding what to make and no wondering about ingredients! These recipes are not only easy and tasty, but they will also put you on an accelerated track to:

  • Regulating your hormones
  • Enhancing your libido
  • Boosting your energy

Don’t wait to get going… Get a HUGE head start on your transformation by utilizing this amazing addition to blast your results right out of the gate.

The 4-Day Fast-track Plan has a $30 value... BUT right now,

 I am also going to INCLUDE this jaw dropping, DONE FOR YOU guide to the:

20 Sexiest Aphrodisiac Clean Cheat Recipes

Want to share an unwavering intimacy and connection with your husband or boyfriend? Then this is definitely for you!

Enjoy tantalizing recipes like Avocado Chocolate Mousse and Char-Grilled Lamb with Tangy Pomegranate Molasses to get your partner feeling healthy, fit and in the mood!

Just imagine this time tomorrow night…

The lights are dimmed, your enjoying an amazingly healthy and delicious meal with your husband or boyfriend and… You finally get that look from him… OH THAT LOOK!

These 20 done for you recipes will get you feeling like a sexy vixen in NO time… Perfect for a date night dinner or an intimate anniversary celebration.

Warning: The 4-day Fast Track Plan has some pretty powerful effects on your energy and sexiness factor, but the 10 Sexiest Aphrodisiac Clean Cheat Recipes is on an entirely other level…

Beware that these recipes will have you and your man connected on an entirely new and intimate level.  Finally see what it’s like to fall into the eyes of your lover…

Normally the 4-day Fast Track Plan AND 20 Sexiest Aphrodisiac Clean Cheat Recipes combination retails at $40

Now I want to offer you BOTH the 4-Day Fast Track Plan & 20 Sexiest Aphrodisiac Clean Cheat Recipes

For a limited time I am going to throw in 3 MORE BONUSES!

Bonus #1: Aphrodisiac Secret Sexy Smoothie Guide ($20)

Enjoy 30 libido lifting smoothies that are so satisfying, you are going to have to hide this book from you husband!  Dive into delicious smoothies like Sweet Chai Booster and Mango Madness.  All using Aphrodisiac secret approved ingredients like maca powder, dates and EVEN dark chocolate!

Bonus #2: 14 Male Enhancement Meals ($20)

Don’t you hate it when your husband or boyfriend eats a fat laden dinner and all he wants to do is sit on the couch and watch TV?  Well do I have a treat for you… I am going to give you a powerful tool in this exclusive one-day added bonus

The 14 Male Enhancement Meals are specifically designed to target the male sex drive, ensuring that when you are ready… so is he!  The best part about these recipes is that he will have NO IDEA how much control you have over him.

Just imagine whipping up a dish like sesame-crusted tuna with luscious sweet potatoes or sweet grilled pineapple shrimp over coconut rice.  

Not only will he be pining over your incredible culinary skills… But the secretly seductive ingredients will have him unable to keep his hands off of you!

Bonus #3: Daring Aphrodisiac Desserts ($20)

I just had to share my favorite daring desserts with you and let me tell you it doesn’t get any better than this…

ALL the desserts in this bonus are made with rich dark chocolate.

Just when he thought you couldn’t get any hotter, you pull out one of these decadent and indulgent treats… and then suddenly his eyes light up with a fiery passion.

I do have to warn you though

Combine one of these desserts with my special Male Enhancing Meals and both you and your lover will only have one thing on your mind…

Right Here & Right Now ONLY…

I am giving you access to 5 extremely powerful and ALL NATURAL ways to connect with your lover on the deepest most sensual level PLUS flip on your potent fat burning hormones to reveal your sexiest body in just days...


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