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What if I were to tell you that what you are doing right now is making your love handles bigger and forcing your body to cling onto excess fat...

Do you hate working out for countless hours in the gym only to be tired, irritated and flabby?

Does the thought of being elbow to elbow with sweaty bodies make you cringe?

Believe me…I know how you feel.

Did you know that...

A study in the published in the journal titled “Metabolism,” it was concluded that short duration, high-intensity interval workouts “ favor lipid oxidation,” aka fat burning, significantly more than traditional cardio.

In addition, traditional long bouts of cardio are not only boring, but they are force your body to cling onto excess weight and even can turn off your anti-aging hormones!

Look it is not your fault… I am sure you are not reading scientific journals about how to workout!

Don’t worry, because know you have a chance to blast your fat loss goals out of the water just like my clients have...

And guess what it only takes 5 minutes…

Yes ONLY 5 minutes to get the lean toned body you deserve! 

Plus you will discover my Groundbreaking Olympic level “Restoration Trick”  That will give you 9 times the results!

I am so excited to introduce you to my FAST, EASY AND EFFECTIVE program:

 Thrive in 5's 

Thrive in 5’s uses a specific sequence of exercises that accelerates your metabolic capacity by using my extremely effective restoration technique.

Thrive in 5’s coupled with the amazing training tactic that I learned during my water polo career can help you:

  • Boost calorie burn during exercise so that your total caloric burn is amplified AND you continue to burn calories hours after your workout.
  • Burn fat FAST so that you can get the lean, toned body you desire.
  • Build muscle so that you feel strong and confident during your workouts.
  • Shift lactic acid out of your bloodstream so that your muscles can reuse it as fuel instead storing it as harmful deposits, inhibiting your power and mobility.
  • Increase your growth hormone so that you can keep your body looking and feeling young, lean and energetic.
  • Reduce your total workout time so that you don’t have to spend mindless hours in the gym gaining nothing in return.

Check out this INSANE Thrive in 5's package

Module 1: Thrive in 5’s Arms

  • How to sculpt your arms and back with NO weights.
  • A secret exercise that I use to tone that disgusting hard to reach under arm fat.
  • One coveted move that will have your back lean and sexy in NO time!

Module 2: Thrive in 5’s Legs and Booty

  • How to isolate your legs movements to maximize targeted fat-burning.
  • One exercise that you have never seen before and will give the lean, toned and slim thighs you’ve always wanted.
  • How to lean out your calves by never stepping on another treadmill again.

Module 3: Thrive in 5’s Core

  • My favorite oblique exercise that involves NO neck crushing crunches.
  • A fun and easy superset of specific movements that will have your belly flattened sooner than you can say Big Mac.
  • 3-second ab 'trick' that can drastically improve the muscles in your stomach.

Module 4: Thrive in 5’s HIIT

  • My insane exercise stacking method that will 9X your fat-burn.
  • My secret breathing technique that helps me master my hear rate.
  • One exercise that I have never shared before that will blow your traditional cardio workouts out of the water in a fraction of the time

Module 5: Thrive in 5’s Signature Svelte Flow

  • How to easily increase mobility in your hips and lower back.
  • A series of movements that will strengthen your deepest stability muscles to relieve nagging aches aches and pains.
  • A fast, easy and effective way to build muscle, increase flexibility and BURN stubborn FAT!

As an exclusive deal for Aphrodisiac Secret buyers, I want to include...

 Accountability Tracker ($10 Value)

Movement Checklist ($8 Value)

 5-minute: No Brainer Meal Plan ($10)

  • Schedule your workouts in advance so that you are more likely to follow through with them.
  • Track your workouts so that you can push your self each and every time.
  • Write down your progress so that you can finally SEE and FEEL that sense of accomplishment.

All the work is done for you here… all you have to do is plug in your fast, easy and effective Thrive in 5’s workouts into my simple weekly calendar and BAM…  you kiss your belly fat and muffin top goodbye!

Really if you write your workouts down in this calendar you WILL do them!  It’s a scientific fact!   Research suggests that as far as our brains are concerned, writing something down acts as a kind of mini-version or rehearsal for doing!

Actually you know what I want to add a couple more things, because I KNOW they will help you…

So today and today ONLY I want to include my...

Yes, all 5 modules of the Thrive in 5’s program are follow along videos, BUT I want to make sure you have a WRITTEN checklist of each and very exercise we are going to perform so that you can visible identity each movement.

With this easy to manage checklist you can effortlessly:

  • Keep yourself on track during your workouts.
  • Make sure you are hitting the right exercise each and every time.
  • Easily see what exercise are in each module so that you can mix and match workouts to suit any type of workout you desire.

So with the Thrive in 5’s follow along workouts, NOW you will have your Thrive in 5’s Movement Checklist to ensure visual AND physical success!

I am still NOT done!  In addition to your Accountability Tracker & Movement Check list I am super excited to include the…

You thought the workout was fast… Now you can accelerate your entire Thrive in 5’s program and get a head start on seeing results…. in a fraction of the time!

My 5-minute No Brainer Meal Plan consists of…

5 delicious meals… In 5 painless minutes… Only using 5 easy to get AND nutritious ingredients…

Yes you read that correctly!  You are getting 5 amazing meals, NO hassle, No culinary degree needed!

Enjoy recipes like: Grilled Chicken Breast With a Bright Bean Salad & Juicy Asian Style Lettuce Wraps!

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Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" results. Although no one can guarantee results, multiple studies have shown the link between exercise and food and their ability to help alleviate various conditions and diseases.  The Aphrodisiac Secret Program in conjunction with Thrive in 5's are both educational services that provide generalized health information. Meredith is not a licensed physician, and her advice is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.

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