Attention: Anyone suffering from insatiable hunger and unsightly rolls of belly fat…

A Shocking Investigation Reveals:

Multi-Billion Dollar Food Company Has Intentionally Infected Americans With
“Toxic Hunger.”

Right Now A Sneaky Drug Epidemic More Deadly Than Crack Cocaine Is Adding Inches to Your Bulging Belly and Making You Irritable, Sick and Depressed…

A loud cry of grief rang out from the kitchen where my mom had just answered the telephone.

I heard the thud as her knees hit the linoleum and she began wailing uncontrollably.         

Instantly, I knew something truly catastrophic had happened.

It was the anniversary of my uncle’s death…

A man of just 41 years old, he was killed in a tragic accident.


I remember feeling an instantaneous sadness that rippled through my chest and caused my body to go numb.

My mom always talked about him as funny, energetic man who always made her laugh with goofy faces and off-the-wall stories…

He radiated joy and life that seemed to never burn out…

But that day that we recounted the news, and a ripping feeling of sadness tore through me like I had just swallowed strong acid, I realized just how precious and fragile life really was.

And it wasn’t until years later that my grief turned to burning anger as I realized that his death was in a small way a “conspiracy.”

Now, I realize that might come as quite a shock, it might even sound impossibly paranoid…

But in a minute I’m going to reveal how this “conspiracy” is poised to be the single biggest individual contributor to the 3 of the top 5 leading causes of death in North America.

And how you can liberate yourself from its grips quickly and painlessly using a simple system that will actually attack this deadly addiction inside of your very own DNA…

But first…I want to ask you just a few questions to see if you are secretly suffering from this “Hidden Addiction" that’s destroying your health...

  • Do you find yourself having growls of hunger late at night that seem to literally force you into the kitchen for donuts, cupcakes, or chocolate even though you “swore to yourself” you’d never again go on another late night binge?
  • Do you find your waistline continuing to expand, as your pants seem to strangle your belly and make even just walking around uncomfortable even though you work out regularly and try to eat healthy?
  • Is it just sometimes impossible to keep your eyes open late in the afternoon and you barely have enough energy to finish your day no matter how much rest you got the night before?
  • Do you seem to need something sweet to feel satisfied after a meal?

As confusing as it might sound…all of these might be symptoms of this silent addiction currently running rampant and causing a host of health problems that are forcing your body’s cells to literally shrivel and age at an accelerated rate.

Your Brain Is Fighting Against You, “Doped Up” By A Savage Addiction That Creates a Craving Too Strong To Ignore…

To you it may seem like an annoying habit…

An inconvenient little snafu that causes you to pad out into your kitchen in your bathrobe and violently attack the little treats that are hiding in your pantry and refrigerator.

But to your body and your brain a chemical process is occurring inside of your nervous system that is making those late night rendezvous with junk food gain a stronger and stronger grip over you.

And a powerful series of scary metabolic changes are switching on genes in your cells that are setting you up for deadly chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer

The nasty little drug has a harmless everyday name... Sugar

See, when you consume sugar in high concentrations certain key changes begin to happen in your brain that are too subtle to be felt…until they are too strong to ignore!

Sugar causes a release of a chemical called dopamine inside of the pleasure centers of your brain.

Your reward system lights up and makes you feel a rush of intense joy.

But the problem is that feeling doesn’t last and your body quickly crashes and starts to demand another “fix.”

Injection with needle filled with sugar on black rustic background. Concept image for sugar addiction. Top view with copy spaceIf you continue this pattern over a period of time the sugar doesn’t stimulate the same pleasure as before…so you have to eat more.

More sugar means more high-calorie food that begins to pile fat onto your waistline, butt, hips, and thighs…

Over time trying to remove this quick and predicable high makes your brain rage back…producing a flood of intense cravings that can pull you into your pantry for a late night raid against even your fiercest determination.

And here’s the scariest news…this addiction can develop at a light speed pace in as little as just 3 weeks and continue to haunt you for years on end…

So if you’ve been struggling for years with low energy, chronic irritability, feeling foggy and “checked out,” and desperately trying to lose weight or even burn off that little pooch belly that torments your waistline…

It’s Not Your Fault!

You’ve been duped by a drug that is legal, socially acceptable, and nearly impossible to avoid.

It follows you around, like an assassin hiding out in every morsel of food you put in your body.

Packaged under unassuming names and marketed in so-called “healthy” alternatives to the high-fat snacks that dieticians have been harping against for decades.

All the while, the sneaky sugar demon is creating a powerful dependence in your brain that

Human brain and Active receptor makes a heroin addict look sensible and self-controlled by comparison.

Your inability to control your hunger, to avoid those late night cravings, or to continue to fill your face even after you’re already full is the result of your brain demanding more and more of this toxic, addictive substance.

And as bad as it sounds, that’s just the beginning…

Because, just like Dr. Fuhrman, MD, explains, the “Toxic Hunger” that sugar creates…those insatiable cravings that call out to you and demand to be satisfied aren’t even half of the story.

Sugar Is Literally Starving Your Body’s Cells Triggering “Toxic Hunger” That Piles On Rolls Of Unsightly Belly Fat and Rots You From the Inside Out…

As nasty and powerful as the insatiable, drug-like cravings can be…

It’s not even half the story on how destructive, poisonous, and ravaging the effects of chronically over-feeding your body with this sugar truly are.

Now: imagine that every cell inside of your body were literally starving.

Imagine that each cell were malnourished, shriveled, and looked like this:

Illustration3d medical concept. Blood cell

I realize that the image above may be hard to look at and might cause a very strong reaction.

But it’s important to understand that this is the effect that Toxic Hunger is causing inside of your body’s cells right now.

See: sugar is what dieticians call an “anti-nutrient.

It actually forces your body to use more nutrients than it provides…

So that when you consume too much your cells are blocked from receiving the essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins that they need.

When this happens your cells become malnourished, shriveled, and lifeless.

Too much sugar competes with your cell’s natural ability to soak in the nutrients they need to neutralize toxins, stabilize their structure, support their healthy metabolic function, and retain their youthful shape.

When you eat too much sugar, you’re actually reducing your body’s ability to shuttle nutrients into your cells by causing key hormones to become less effective.

Specifically, the master hormone insulin that is responsible for helping every nutrient in every bit of food you eat to actually get into the cells where it is needed most.screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-26-25-am

When you overfeed your body with sugar, like almost everyone eating the Standard American Diet of highly processed food is…

You’re causing every cell in your body to become hyper resistant to insulin.

As a result, much needed nutrition and antioxidants that your cells desperately need to scrub away harsh chemicals and poisonous compounds that are leftover from its normal functions can’t get in

*What happens next…is an excessive build up of these destructive chemicals that makes every cell in your body look like the rotten teeth of a chronic methamphetamine addict.

Your body doesn’t just need you to feed it these compounds to keep it from breaking down…it needs these compounds to actually get inside the cells themselves where these harsh chemicals are made.

What happens next is that these nasty, destructive chemicals cause changes to your very own DNA, turning on genes that cause your cells to die at a faster rate.

So if your skin has started to take on the fine lines, wrinkles, and dry, flaky appearance before your days…sugar addiction is the likely culprit.

How Sugar Killing Your Heart

As your body’s cells become less and less capable of getting the nutrition they need…

As your insulin sensitivity continues on it’s downward spiral leaving every cell in your body a malnourished, toxic, and shriveled mess…

Fat woman with heart issueThe excess sugar builds up in your blood stream and the only way that your body can begin to get rid of it is to turn it into fat.

Fatty deposits begin to bulge your stomach, making your jeans feel tight and restrictive, making you look older, dimpling your thighs and arms with that pocked, ugly cellulite that makes you embarrassed to wear revealing clothing.

But that’s just the damage you can see!

The positively terrifying truth is that all that extra sugar is forming fatty deposits inside of your arteries and blood vessels, cutting off blood flow and jacking up your risk of heart attack and stroke to dangerous levels.

And all the while…you’ve been duped into thinking that getting more aerobic exercise and avoiding saturated fats are the secret to heart health.

The Visible Sign That Your Risk of Potentially Deadly Levels of Toxic Hunger Is The Dreaded “Sugar Belly”

These Jeans Don't Fit Anymore!

That bloated, round, ugly belly fat that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how often you workout or how many low calorie diets you cycle through.

That’s because your sugar belly can’t get the blood flow and fat burning enzymes it needs to start to melt away the extra fat.

So you continue to suffer from that unsightly and embarrassing pooch belly making you look 10 years older.

If you think that unattractive pooch is just making you look worse at the beach…think again.

It could be a visible sign that heart-destroying damage is flaring up inside of your body’s arteries as we speak.

How Sugar Is Cranking Up Your Risk For Cancer To Dangerous Levels

When “Toxic Hunger” overtakes you and your insulin sensitivity starts to decline, excess sugar will begin to build up inside of your blood.

This creates a syrupy energy source to feed budding cancer tumors that can begin to grow at out of control rates…

Viruses and red blood cells , contaminated bloodBeyond the extra fuel source for rogue body cells…sugar actually competes with Vitamin C a nutrient that’s critical for white blood cells to function and help you have a healthy immune system.

Without healthy white blood cells to scavenge potentially mutant body cells that can become cancerous…your body is more vulnerable on not 1 but 2 fronts!

If this weren’t alarming enough, new research is showing that cancer cells have even more receptors for insulin than healthy cells making them grow at faster rates…

Meaning that if you’re struggling with this nasty epidemic addiction it’s more than just your looks, energy levels, and mood that’s at stake…

It’s your life!

Avoid These 3 Toxic Hunger Triggers To Effortlessly Burn Away Your Sugar Belly

AND Reveal The Slim, Toned & Youthful Body You Deserve...

Toxic Hunger Trigger #1

Starvation Diets TRAP FAT and Stop Weight Loss In It's Tracks

Fat woman very worried with her weight

Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT have to starve yourself to burn away your dreaded "sugar belly."

In fact, starving your body can actually have the REVERSE, making your body cling onto excess fat.

You see, when you starve your body, it goes into something known as "fight or flight" mode.  In that very time, your fat cells react as if your body needs to "conserve" fat... JUST in case food is scarce. So by starving your body you are actually FORCING it to hold onto excess fat, especially around you belly, hips and butt.

Toxic Hunger Trigger #2

"Healthy" Snacks Filled With Processed Ingredients and Artificial Sweeteners Increase 'Hunger Signals' In the Brain...


You have tried everything known to the "diet" world... Heart healthy this and no calorie that...

Those "processed" foods have little to NO nutritional value and actually make you HUNGRIER by stimulating Grehlin in the brain.

Grehlin is the hormone that controls hunger signal, so by eating these so called "healthy foods," your brain is signaled to EAT MORE even though you are ALREADY full!


Toxic Hunger Trigger #3

Fat Free 'Diets' Trigger Insatiable Hunger That Fills Your Body With Empty Fat Storing Calories

The words Empty Calories on the display of a scale to illustrate the importance of eating nutritional foods for good health instead of junk or fast food such as snacks, candy or other sugary items

One of the biggest lies of all is that you need to eat a low-fat diet to lose fat.... that is FALSE.

In fact when you cut fat from your diet, you can negatively effect nutrient absorption in the body, stunting your weight loss completely...

Eating FAT is an essential part of you losing your dreaded sugar belly....

If you desire a lean and toned belly you MUST avoid a "low-fat" diet.

Who I Am And How I Discovered The Sneaky Conspiracy To Keep You Locked In A Prison Of “Toxic Hunger” That’s Ravaging Your Looks and Your Health


My name is Meredith,

But lately  I have been known as the “Slim Down Savior,” and now as the "Sugar Savior..."

Because I have a reputation of helping even the most hopeless sugar junkies to permanently, quickly, and painlessly kill their Toxic Hunger, blast off their bloated sugar bellies, and reveal the youthful, healthy, and energetic person lying dormant inside of them.

And this journey to discover the secret to permanently destroying the chains that bind so many modern men and women to their sugar addictions all started with a horrible tragedy.

I was on summer break from college and just relaxing at home one night with my mom when the phone rang.

She answered it in the normal way but suddenly, a deafening silence rang out from the kitchen…I heard a grief stricken scream fill the whole household and I went into the kitchen to find out what had happened.

My mom was on her knees, her eyes clenched tightly and her mouth openly emitting wails of shocked, tortured sadness.

I just stood there watching hopelessly as shockwaves of grief rang over her and my own feelings started to well up before I had even fully discovered what was wrong.

She whimpered as she recounted my uncle’s death when he slipped into a diabetic coma and ran into the back of a parked trailer…

I remembered hearing stories of him as a funny, pleasant man who always wore a smile.

But he had a simple weakness…as a diabetic he was under careful orders at all times to limit his intake of sugar.

I recall as a very young girl memories of him horsing around in the front yard and watching him come out to share his latest joke or crazy story he would make up on a whim.

He often came out to sneak a little fix of his primary vice…a sweet tooth that could only be calmed with Snickers.

I remember my mom telling me how he would break off a little piece for me and my cousins to share as a reward for not telling my aunt about seeing him eat candy bars.

He was a sweet, loving, and truly amazing man and his death left a hole in my life that I continue to feel to this very day.

Years Later, My Aunt Finally Told Me What Really Happened To My Uncle

He didn’t just “slip” into coma…

He was forced into it by his ravaging addiction to sugar….image013

They suspect that it may have contributed to him falling into the diabetic coma that ended his life at just 41 years of age.

I remember the rage, and the grief that my family felt…thinking that if he just had just stopped himself, that this horrible accident never would have happened.

I recall seething with grieved anger at him for being so “weak” and not being able to control himself…knowing full well that he shouldn’t be eating sugar, especially if he was about to drive.

This was before I dedicated my life to helping people become their best and healthiest selves as California’s Top Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Now, the connection here is that even though the grief never left, and even though I spent years being angry at my uncle for not having the willpower to control his sugar cravings…

It wasn’t until years later that I discovered the “conspiracy” that doomed him and has been dooming millions of men and women the world over for over 5 decades.

You see…one of my almost embarrassing habits is my nearly uncontrollable need to “geek out” on anything related to biochemistry, genetics, nutrition and how our bodies work on a cellular level.

I can spend hours ignoring my family and friends while poring over medical journals, articles and newly published research studies in a vain attempt to quench my bottomless thirst for anything that can help my clients live healthier, be stronger and look their best.

It’s the same reason my clients…which include A-List Hollywood celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs and everyday, busy moms hire me to help them look and feel better than they have in years.

The Dark Secret Of How The Food Industry Hired A Contract Killer With A White Lab Coat To Poison You With Toxic Hunger

The year was 1965...

And research directors employed by the Sugar Research Foundation (a precursor to today’s Sugar Foundation) are staring directly at preliminary research findings that could completely devastate their industry.Scientist reading textbook with laboratory background

Not since the findings linking tobacco to cancer and chronic lung disease has so much money depended on the opinion of public health researchers…

Hundreds of billions in profits over the coming decades are at stake and the evidence is not coming out in Big Sugar’s favor.

Preliminary study after preliminary study are showing direct links between coronary heart disease and sugar consumption.

Suddenly the massive profits of a monstrous industry are in jeopardy.

Wanting to leave nothing to chance the foundation’s research director John Hickson went knocking on the door of the most prestigious research institute in North America – Harvard University.

His one and only mission…To find research scientists willing to sell their credibility to refute the findings and publish their own research that would pin the blame on something else...

In secret Hickson enlisted the help of Fredrick Stare, the chair of the nutrition department of Harvard’s School of Public Health to oversee two other professors in the publication of their own papers.

The effort was dubbed “Project 226” and it’s sole and expressed outcome was to “review” the research findings of previously published studies and form “new” conclusions based on the results.

The two professors were paid a sum of $6500 ($48,000 in today’s dollars) for their effort by Big Sugar and were carefully overseen by both Stare and Hickson.

In 1967 Stare sent the abstract to Hickson to look over and approve before they submitted it for publication.

Hickson carefully read the draft and swelled with relief and warm satisfaction as he realizes that his manipulative tactics have worked…the draft is just days from publication in the most prestigious medical journal in North America…The New England Journal of Medicine.


Immediately after reading it he sends a note to Frederick Stare telling him that this review is Exactly what we (Big Sugar) had in mind and we look forward to its appearance in print.”

Just weeks later the publication appeared and nearly 2 generations of people were duped into believing its insidious lies…

The blame for chronic heart conditions was pinned solely on saturated fats...

You’ve Been Lied To, Manipulated, and Played Like A Fool By Public Health Researchers Who Were Supposed To Look Out For Your Health Interests…

When I first came across this information…I was OUTRAGED!Patient paying for medical services with dollar

How could they?

How could such prestigious institutions and publications collude to warp the judgments of doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, and public health officials for so long?

The answer, of course…was simple.


They have known for decades that their product is destructive and poisonous…

They have known that it whittles away at your blood vessels, crams your arteries with suffocating, fatty plaque, and makes your master nutrient navigators limp and ineffective…

And they did it because they know that their product is irresistibly addictive…

And flash forward to 2016 and it’s no doubt that their twisted, sinister plan has been nothing short of a resounding success.

Frau zeigt ihre CelluliteChildhood obesity is up nearly 400%...

Type II diabetes has risen nearly 500%...

Heart disease has nearly tripled among people under 45 and has almost doubled among

And the future looks even more dismal…

As chronic metabolic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes look to nearly triple in the next 25 years…!

And the most recent published reports on how individuals can stave off this breakneck acceleration…eat less saturated fat and take drugs like Vytorin and Lipitor…

The puppeteers and public health pundits in the Big Sugar camp and pharmaceutical industries are continuing to muddy the waters and pull the wool over your eyes so that you continue to think that hamburgers are the problem…

Instead of looking at the real culprit sludging up your cells and ramping up “fake hunger” that forces you to overeat to the peril of your waistline, health, and happiness.

I Vowed To Be a Beacon of Truth…No Matter What The Cost!

When I first learned the truth I spent the night going over old pictures of my childhood…

Recalling fondly the big, 1000 watt smile of my uncle…

Remembering my mom’s crazy stories about him and his wicked sense of humor.

And then suddenly, like a 10,000-pound anvil belted to my back - the anger I felt for all those years lifted…

And in it’s place a strangling sadness sprang out of me and I just sobbed for what seemed like hours…

Streams of tears coursing down my cheeks as I realized that it was never his fault, that he couldn’t control his cravings if he tried, that just like millions of Americans he wasn’t a “weakling” he was a victim.

A victim of deep pockets, and sinister self-interests that will stop at nothing to fatten their margins even at the expense of so many ruined lives who continue to suffer under the yoke of their enslaving drug.

And in that moment I realized that I had 3 choices…

  • I could be mad...
  • I could continue to blame the greedy forces tugging at the strings of politics and profit…
  • I could let them trap us in a black hole of near unconquerable craving that will make sure that more people suffer with frustrating weight gain and chronic disease…

Or I could make the choice I did.... 

I could learn the secret chemistry of the body and brain…of all bodies and brains…

The simple secrets that will allow anyone to crush their addiction to sugar…

To stop the late night cravings dead in their tracks…

And to annihilate the self-sabotage of breakthrough binges that seem to befall even the most dedicated dieters who want to burn away their sugar bellies, rocket up their energy levels, and reveal the sleek, toned and radiant bodies hiding beneath their habit…

This Wasn’t Just A Quest…It Was a MISSION

And I was bound and determined to crack the code and figure out how to help average; ordinary everyday people finally pry the sugar monkey of their back…

And do it without having to rely on overly restrictive and bland diets…

Crippling workouts that only jack up their hunger even higher…

Or forcing them to give up their favorite foods.

I knew I had my work cut out for me…my excitement quickly morphed to frustration

Every proposed protocol being touted by the “nutrition experts” folks that wrote for Health, Prevention, and Shape and other mainstream health publications relied on willpower.

I knew from my research that the addictive pull of sugar was far too strong to overcome by willpower alone.image023

So I dug further…I looked into research journals, I talked to food experts and dieticians, I even talked with addiction specialists all to try and find the answer.

Many of them had good information that helped me piece together more of the puzzle as to why this “silent epidemic” is so difficult to overcome and so incredibly damaging to your health…

But none of them could really give me solid answers on how anyone…regardless of how entrenched in the health ravaging effects could free themselves from it’s habit forming claws.

So I excavated further…I read absolutely everything I could find, I tested out different combinations of meal timing and frequency on my clients and myself…but nothing worked.

I was stumped.

Every single person who came to me complaining of the effects of Toxic Hunger…

  • Irritable moods that were only calmed when they ate something sweet or gorged on refined, over-processed starches…
  • Bloated bellies that they couldn’t burn away no matter how many butt-busting workouts they did…
  • And late afternoon energy crashes that left them weak, tired, and unproductive throughout the remainder of their day.

All continued to have the same problems.

I knew what they needed…more nutritious diets with higher concentrations of protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants…

I knew I could put together the diets for them…I knew that I could tell them exactly what they needed to do, and what foods they needed to eat…

I watched as they earnestly tried with every morsel of will and self-control that they could muster.

I saw them eat disciplined diets for weeks…only to be undone in a minute’s weakness when theirsad plus size woman is crying Toxic Hunger:

The uncontrollable craving for sugar that raged in their bodies got the best of them.

An entire bag of nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips...gone!

A whole bag of cookies in a single sitting…poof!

A tray of moist, delicious chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing…gulp!

One by one they would come into my office…shoulders slouched, heads down, scorched with crimson embarrassment and shame over their inability to control their eating.

And the pit of my stomach feeling for them never wavered as I knew that every single one of them was trying with all their might to tame the beast that raged in their brains and ravaged their bodies

I was starting to feel hopeless…until a stroke of chance revealed exactly what I had been looking for.

The Holy Grail To Conquer Your Cravings, and Burn Away Your Belly By Attacking The Toxic Hunger At the Genetic Level

It was an unassuming title for an article by a researcher at the University of California, Davis.screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-7-35-00-pm

But something about it struck my attention and glued me to it. I had remembered reading an article just a week before that outlined the “neurogenetic basis” of addiction…

In everyday people language…this means the exact genes that get “turned on” in the brains of people who develop addictions to things.

Those things could be street drugs like heroine, methamphetamine, or cocaine…or they could be addictive foods like processed, refined sugar.

And I had remembered what one of the addiction specialists had told me during one of our visits…

That people with addictions have certain...

Genes triggered by the addictive substances they use and that several pharmaceutical researchers were looking for ways to chemically “switch off” the cravings inside of their own genes.


It sounded awesome to me…but when I learned that all of these drugs are potentially decades away from being commercially available…

And even then will only be used to treat addictions to street drugs and alcohol (sugar is not recognized as a drug by the AMA…even though dozens of studies show that its effects on the brain are even MORE powerful than cocaine)…

So I just dismissed it as something “promising but impractical.”

But the article I was reading exposed another possible route...

A Way To Exploit the Power of Gene Targeting to Chemically Switch OFF Toxic Hunger, and Crush Sugar Cravings, Using Nothing More than A Few Powerful Super Nutrients...

The article exposed a breakthrough field of scientific research known as “nutrigenomics” a way to use certain combinations of nutrition to turn genes in our bodies ON and OFF…

Just like flipping a switch inside of your cells…triggering genes with nutrition has promising applications in the field of rejuvenate medicine, chronic disease, and most exciting…behavior modification!

As I’m sure you know…addiction is a behavioral problem.

And this wasn’t kooky “alternative health” garbage peddled by hipsters with chronic body odor…

This was legitimate, white-lab-coat research published in respected peer-reviewed journals by people who actually spent the years and put in the effort to earn the letters after their name…

I felt a rush of excitement swell inside of my body, my hairs stood up on edge and a fuzzy field of electric euphoria tingled the back of my neck as I finally felt like I had the single key I needed to help anyone overcome their compulsive sugar cravings ONCE AND FOR ALL!

I Boiled the Research Down Into Simple Steps ANYONE at ANY Age Could Use to Quickly Break the Chemical Chains that Tethered Them to Their Cravings

I HATE Eating "Diet Foods."

It was difficult to find the right combinations of foods that didn’t just target the genes in the right way…but were also satisfying and delicious enough to stick with. But that is EXACTLY what I did...

I Am Way Too Busy...

Time is our greatest asset and I WILL not take that away from you.  This plan is so easy that all you need are a few super nutrients that will near instantly switch OFF your Toxic Hunger.

Nothing Has EVER Worked For Me!

This system is so easy that before you know it, you are going to be FREE from your toxic hunger and free from the belly fat that has plagued you for years... If you have 5 days you can do this...

I am REALLY Skeptical...

GOOD!  I am glad you have the understanding of "other" programs that have NOT worked for you in the past! No one has ever addressed Toxic Hunger and no other program has EVER been this fast or effective.

So What Is This New Way To Shut Down Toxic Hunger And Reveal a Lean, Toned & Tight Belly With Out “Dieting” OR Exercising For Hours On End?

SuperNutrient Gene Targeting

The only 5-Day Step By Step Lean Belly Strategy That Can spring You from the prison of late-night uncontrolled cravings, and rejuvenate every cell of your body with specific targeted nutrition that over-consumption of processed sugar has shut down…


SuperNutrient Gene Targeting is a revolutionary process that strategically stacks your cells with a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals, helping your body to break it’s addiction to sugar and finally reveal the lean and toned belly hiding under your unsightly rolls of fat.

When I started implementing the SuperNutrient Gene Targeting Strategy with some of my clients,  somewhere in the flurry and excitement as one satisfied client told another and word spread about this almost supernatural solution to the yoke of sugar addiction and reveal a lean toned belly in a fraction on the time…it got the name:

Lean Belly Now

And it stuck…because that’s what it is and that’s what it does.

It’s the first and only natural solution to turn OFF the source of Toxic Hunger and turn ON your youth enhancing metabolic hardware using the gene igniting power of super nutrients.

This is not a gimmicky fad or quick fix, it’s not another boring paleo diet or low-carb solution, and it’s not an ineffective “juice fast...”

It’s a super simple yet powerful secret to utilize Mother Nature’s own magnificence to target the source of your sugar cravings, fat storing hormones and the age accelerating effects it brings on at the genetic level.

While other systems tell you to eat less and workout more…

The Lean Belly Now targets the biggest cause of accelerated aging, weight gain, and chronic disease…those uncontrollable sugar cravings that sabotage even the most iron-willed dieters.

The best part is…it naturally balances your hormones and reinvigorates your nutrient shuttling machinery allowing you to force feed every cell in your body with gold standard super nutrition that your toxic sugar addiction has snuffed out…

In Just Days You'll Notice...

  • Your hair, skin and nails begin to glow with youthful luster…
  • You’ll feel less irritable, tired or even downright depressed and develop joyful energy that stays with you for the whole day…
  • You’ll melt away pounds of unsightly fat without one extra ounce of your energy…
  • And you’ll feel full and satisfied at night letting you get the restful sleep you need instead of tossing and turning while your belly growls to fill it with the empty calories you currently crave.

Here’s just a small sample of the powerful secrets you’ll discover when you invest in the Toxic Hunger crushing system today:

  • The true source of your sugar addiction and what’s keeping your fitness and health goals on lockdown…despite your best efforts.
  • The secret of your brain’s natural pleasure chemical: Dopamine, and how simply “eating healthy” is a literal death warrant to your fat loss goals.
  • How to condition your body to experience true hunger and nourish yourself exactly when you need to by plugging into the “energy wisdom” buried deep in your brain that’s been programmed by natural selection.
  • The secret behind “dysregulation” a key property of energy management inside of your metabolism and how it’s fooled you into thinking that late afternoon crashes in your energy levels are “normal.”
  • A simple 5 step plan to balance your blood sugar, control hunger, stabilize your energy levels and reprogram your cells to use nutrients in a smarter way so you never have uncontrolled sugar cravings again.
  • The 5 Sugar Crushing SuperNutrients that ignite a high-powered nutrient overdrive inside of your cells to rejuvenate your body and switch OFF the cause of uncontrolled cravings at a genetic level.

…and so much more.

With This Powerful, Painless and Ultra Fast Solution to Permanently Destroy the Hold That Toxic Hunger Has Over Your Body and Brain…You Will Say Goodbye To:

  • Growling hunger pangs that keep you up late at night and force you to overeat guaranteeing that your hard work in the gym doesn’t show up in the bathroom mirror…
  • Going through the agony of following a plan of healthy eating…only to break loose and binge on ice cream, cookies, candy and those tempting treats that float around the office in the late afternoon…
  • Those late day energy crashes that keep your mind at half mast and your willpower in the gutter so that even enjoying a brief workout seems like an impossible chore…

Now, before we get to how you can get your hands on this life saving report that can liberate you from the toxic prison of sugar addiction…

I have to Tell You Something Important…

When I first discovered this ultra simple and ultra fast solution I only ever imagined using it on a small scale…with those personal clients that pay me royal sums to help them detox their bodies and “tip the scales” in their favor.

I never imagined releasing it to the mainstream for two reasons.

First, I didn’t really believe I could compete with the mainstream health industry on a large enough scale.

They can spend millions of dollars on glitzy media campaigns and massive Internet promotions.

My pockets are simply not deep enough to compete on that scale.

Second, I didn’t really think that I could get any kind of traction on it at all…

After all the voices exposing the truth about the deadly affects of sugar are a whisper next to the deafening shouts that the pundits for Big Sugar can unfurl using a single, well-orchestrated media or lobbying campaign.

But something started to happen inside of my practice with my personal clients who lived and swore by this SuperNutrient Fix, the rapid plan to flush out the enslaving effects of Toxic Hunger in just 5 days, that I didn’t expect.

News about my little sugar busting solution started to spread like wildfire…taking on a grassroots life of its own.

One client told two who each told two more and suddenly my quaint little “mom and pop” was flooded with more demand than I could possibly handle.

I had to put together a waiting list for clients that quickly grew out of control when I realized that I had more people on hold than I could possibly help personally in a single lifetime.

And I was starting to feel totally overwhelmed and burnt out in my own right…working round the clock to help detox those deserving clients who desperately needed my help.

I Had to Start Charging Double…Then Double Again Just to Keep the Waiting List and Demand Down.

And I still had people blowing up my phone waiting with bated breath for their turn to shut off the destructive force of sugar in their lives forever.

I started to realize that I wasn’t helping as many people or even the kind of people that I wanted…

I was charging $500 per hour for my personal nutrition coaching and I knew that I was helping the people who could afford my services.

But I thought to my own family and my blue-collar uncle who desperately needed my solution…but never could have afforded it.

And I realized that maybe by not making this sugar prison jail break more accessible to regular, everyday men and women…that someone else would have to endure the grief and pain that my family went through in losing my uncle.

And that’s just unacceptable to me.

So I decided that a fair price for this information would be $97.

After all, most people spend that much just eating out every month.

And seeing how this solution helps to shut off your hunger at the gene level, and seeing as it’s literally 1/5th of what I charge my clients for a single hour of my precious time…it’s an absolute steal at that price.

So I Was All Set to Fire Up My new site and charge $97 but then I remembered something…

I was in the grocery store picking up a few quick items for dinner on the way home to meet my husband after a busy day of coaching my clients when I saw them:

Snicker bars, seemingly harmless little treats in the aisles just before the checkout counter.

And a sudden memory poured out of my mind like a gushing mom standing their
sobbing over my uncle’s death…Precious family moments

I could just picture him saying “you know Mere, just between you and I…these things are gonna kill me but I just can’t seem to stop eating them.”

I guess in my grief over his death it was blocked from my mind.

But now, it all came rushing back.

And I thought about how even at a super modest investment of $97 that there would still be a few people on a tight budget who wouldn’t be able to justify it.

So I went to my accountant and I tried to crunch some numbers and see what I could do to make this solution as affordable as humanly possible…

That way…absolutely ANYONE with a need to eliminate their sugar addiction and reveal their Leanest Belly, faster than they ever thought possible, would be able to do it without the intense withdrawals and drawn out “acclamation periods” most other sugar programs involve.

So that leads me to some really fantastic news for you…

You’re not going to have to invest even the very modest $97 here today to get this life-changing and potentially even life-saving information into your hands.

I’m going to go ahead and do something practically insane AND let you try Lean Belly Now with Absolutely ZERO risk...

You see I am so confident that you are going to LOVE your Lean Belly Now results that I want to back it with a...

Lean Belly Now

Quadruple Guarantee

I want to give you Lean Belly Now with a Quadruple guarantee … Yes that means I am backing my this system with 4 Times confidence...

money-back-guaranteeQuadruple Guarantee #1

You’ll see results FAST

I have done all the hard work for you here… and all you have to do is take the rewards! I know you’ll squash all of your excess cravings and binge eating in just 5 short days…

Quadruple Guarantee #2

You’ll Love the Way You Feel

You will absolutely love how much more energy you have and how positive and upbeat your mood is… even just after a few days

Quadruple Guarantee #3

You Won’t Have To Worry About “Cheating”

I will let the results speak for themselves… I know that when you see how good you look and how energetic and in control you feel, motivation won’t be an issue at all!

Quadruple Guarantee #4

You Will Get The BEST Customer Service

I am dedicated to bringing you the best service I can, no matter what. I will be answering every single email that I can…. Because I CARE about your results and I care about your success.

So with the 4X guarantee if you do not feel amazing and kick every craving you have to the curb OR even you don’t like the book covers!

…. Just shoot me an email within 60 Days and I’ll refund every single penny no questions asked.

You Don’t Even Need To Decide Today…

Look if you’ve struggled with sugar addiction and let the call of late-night hunger pangs and junk food ruin your resolve for any length of time…

I can understand that it would really difficult for you to see and feel yourself losing all of your cravings in just 5 days with zero withdrawal…

So I want to go ahead and put my money where my mouth is by backing up everything that I say on this page with a no-holds-barred, ironclad QUADRUPLE guarantee.

To me it is black and white…

Destroy your damaging sugar addiction, slash toxic hunger and reveal a lean belly in just 5 days or you don’t pay a penny…that’s all there is to it.

Hurry, Only A Handful Of Copies Are Available At The Discounted Price:

Even though I’m doing everything I can to keep my promise and deliver these copies to the first few lucky people who decide to take me up on this amazing offer...

There truly is no way that I’ll be able to keep the forces at bay for that long and sooner or later I’ll have to go ahead and raise the price of this system back up to $97.

I can already hear my stuffy accountant warning me that at just $15 dollars I’m going to lose money and I know that some of my friends in the health and fitness industry think I’m totally crazy for offering a system with this kind of firepower for such a low price.

Not to mention my personal clients that have paid me north of $500 for a single hour of my coaching.

Now, I’ve talked to all of them and they agree that this solution is too valuable to hold back so they didn’t have a problem with me charging only $97…but I can’t predict the backlash that will happen when they learn it’s only $15 for a few lucky customers.

So go ahead and make sure you take action before I get called out and roasted by my personal coaching clients who’ve had to invest a lot more.

After all, you really don’t have anything but enslaving sugar cravings and the unsightly, age accelerating, and health destroying side effects to lose.

Claim Your Spot, Get Instant Access, and Start Eliminating Toxic Hunger To Reveal Your Leanest Belly Right NOW

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So as you can tell by now this breakthrough sugar craving crushing solution is unlike any other poor excuse for a “detox” solution that can be found anywhere at any price…

And you may have even tried a few of them out, hoping they would help you get rid of those agonizing growls of hunger that make your mouth water uncontrollably and just won’t leave you alone until you satisfy them.

So let me ask you right now…how’s that working out for you?

Isn’t it time you stop messing around with your health and stop trying to let your willpower win when you know you’re just going to feel let down again?

Isn’t it time that you smile and glow in the full glory of attaining your fitness and health goals instead of hanging your head in shame at yet another failure?

I’m sure you’d like to get a lot more results with a lot less effort…

And I’m on your side.

The Way I See It, Is That You Have 2 Options... Which Could Be The Difference between Success and Failure 

Option 1:

You can keep doing what you’re doing now.

You can keep letting your Toxic Hunger and seemingly uncontrollable cravings win…parading you around like a puppet on a string…locked in an unending battle to beat your sugar addiction.

You can keep letting your waistline expand and letting the fatty deposits build up in your arteries that choke out the precious life-giving blood and nutrients from the cells that need them most.

You can continue to jeopardize your metabolism and put yourself in a heightened risk category for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

And worst of all…you can continue to let yourself down every day as you set yourself up to fail miserably by trying to rely on the force of your willpower.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

You don’t have to struggle so hard…

Which is why you should instead choose…

Option 2:

You can make the right choice today and wake up just 5 short days from now free from the grasp of sugar addiction FOREVER.

Perfectly shaped female and male upper bodiesYou can start to love the way you look and feel as the toxic effects of over consuming sugar start

to fade away…

And a new more vibrant, healthier and energetic and leaner you stares back at you in the bathroom mirror.

You can feel the certainty of knowing that even if you feel like splurging every now and again on a treat…you’ll know the exact nutritional triggers you have to trip to bring your body back into balance.

So do yourself a favor and click the “Add To Cart” button right now…

Give yourself the gift of crushing your toxic hunger once and for all before I come to my senses and start charging what this system is truly worth.

With my 60-Day Guarantee you risk absolutely nothing.

I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

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To Melting Your Sugar Belly and Finally Crushing Your Toxic Hunger, Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.57.53 AM


Meredith Shirk

CPT, FNS, Magna Cum Laude Biology

P.S. Look I know you are wondering if I use this system myself… and YES I most definitely do… so here is a recent pic of me just a few days after implementing this 5-Day Lean Belly Now Protocol.

And I can say with complete certainty that the ONLY reason you don’t have a leaner body with a flat belly to match is because you were never told about the hidden “Toxic Hunger” that has been plaguing your body and mind...

No other program or solution has EVER addressed this and it’s why you’ve been struggling for so long.

P.P.S. I Don’t Want To Scare You–  BUT right now something that is ruining your life is sitting around your waist… I want you to grab your belly with both hands.  Can you feel that jiggle of fat?  That jiggle is a direct result of your toxic hunger and that same toxic hunger is driving you closer and closer heart hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even obesity.

Yet you can reverse this in as little as 5 days by eating a few delicious foods that block your toxic hunger finally allowing the real you to be revealed.

P.P.P.S. Don’t Forget – You don’t have to decide right now. You can try out the entire Lean Belly Now program for 60 days and if you don’t get the results you desire, you’ll get 100% of your money back with no questions asked. Remember I am 4X guaranteeing this program.

Still Have Questions?
I May Have Already Answered Them Below

How Does Lean Belly Now Work?

Lean Belly Now is based on the research I have done concerning the by The University of California Davis about nutrigenomics as well as the Big Sugar scandal in 60's.

Through all of my research and testing, I discovered a specific 5-Day protocol that:

Shuts down “Toxic Hunger”

Flips your metabolism from sugar to fat burning

Reprograms your system using a specific set or SuperNutrients, specifically designed to burn off your sugar belly.

No other program has ever addressed Toxic Hunger or how Sugar has poisoned your body and STOPPED your ability to burn belly fat and lose weight consistently.  It’s not your fault, you and so many others simply didn’t have this revolutionary information until now... Even the mainstream media has been stunted by these discoveries...

When Will I See Results?

You will be able to visibly see results in just days... however you will FEEL your Toxic Hunger SHUT OFF near immediately.

In just days you will feel like a new and BETTER version of you.

buy now

Will This Work For Me If I Am Over 40?


You see since you have been under the grips of Toxic Hunger for so long, your results will be even more dramatic and even more noticeable than someone under 40.

How Will I Know What To Do?

I really wanted to address this question for you HEAD ON.

As soon as you purchase the Lean Belly Now System you will be met by a face to face video of me 🙂  AND I will walk you through everything you need to know PLUS I have a few extra bonuses for you when I see you on the other side!

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Am I Going To Be Billed Later?

NO!  Definitely not...

This is a one time charge and a one time charge ONLY.  Don't worry, Lean Belly Now is not a "subscription," it is a one time charge for a revolutionary system to rid you of Toxic Hunger.

Is Anyhting Going to Be Shipped To Me?

Lean Belly Now is a 100% digital product... NOTHING will be shipped to you.

BUT this is great news, becuase you can get started right away!

buy now


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