Attention: Anyone suffering from insatiable hunger and unsightly rolls of belly fat…

A Shocking Investigation Reveals:

Multi-Billion Dollar Food Company Has Intentionally Infected Americans With
“Toxic Hunger.”

Right Now A Sneaky Drug Epidemic More Deadly Than Crack Cocaine Is Adding Inches to Your Bulging Belly and Making You Irritable, Sick and Depressed…

A loud cry of grief rang out from the kitchen where my mom had just answered the telephone.

I heard the thud as her knees hit the linoleum and she began wailing uncontrollably.         

Instantly, I knew something truly catastrophic had happened.

It was the anniversary of my uncle’s death… A man of just 41 years old, he was killed in a tragic accident.


I remember feeling an instantaneous sadness that rippled through my chest and caused my body to go numb.

My mom always talked about him as funny, energetic man who always made her laugh with goofy faces and off-the-wall stories…

He radiated joy and life that seemed to never burn out…

But that day that we recounted the news, and a ripping feeling of sadness tore through me like I had just swallowed strong acid, I realized just how precious and fragile life really was.

And it wasn’t until years later that my grief turned to burning anger as I realized that his death was in a small way a “conspiracy.”

Now, I realize that might come as quite a shock, it might even sound impossibly paranoid…

But in a minute I’m going to reveal how this “conspiracy” is poised to be the single biggest individual contributor to the 3 of the top 5 leading causes of death in North America.

And how you can liberate yourself from its grips quickly and painlessly using a simple system that will actually attack this deadly addiction inside of your very own DNA…

But first…I want to ask you just a few questions to see if you might actually be secretly suffering from this “hidden” addiction that’s destroying your health:

  • Do you find yourself having growls of hunger late at night that seem to literally force you into the kitchen for donuts, cupcakes, or chocolate even though you “swore to yourself” you’d never again go on another late night binge?
  • Do you find your waistline continuing to expand, as your pants seem to strangle your belly and make even just walking around uncomfortable even though you work out regularly and try to eat healthy?
  • Is it just sometimes impossible to keep your eyes open late in the afternoon and you barely have enough energy to finish your day no matter how much rest you got the night before?
  • Do you seem to need something sweet to feel satisfied after a meal?

As confusing as it might sound…all of these might be symptoms of this silent addiction currently running rampant and causing a host of health problems that are forcing your body’s cells to literally shrivel and age at an accelerated rate.

Your Brain Is Fighting Against You, “Doped Up” By A Savage Addiction That Creates a Craving Too Strong To Ignore…

To you it may seem like an annoying habit…

Human brain and Active receptor Human brain and Active receptor[/caption]

An inconvenient little snafu that causes you to pad out into your kitchen in your bathrobe and violently attack the little treats that are hiding in your pantry and refrigerator.

 But to your body and your brain a chemical process is occurring inside of your nervous system that is making those late night rendezvous with junk food gain a stronger and stronger grip over you.

And a powerful series of scary metabolic changes are switching on genes in your cells that are setting you up for deadly chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer

The nasty little drug has a harmless everyday name: Sugar.

See, when you consume sugar in high concentrations certain key changes begin to happen in your brain that are too subtle to be felt…until they are too strong to ignore!

Sugar causes a release of a chemical called dopamine inside of the pleasure centers of your brain.

Your reward system lights up and makes you feel a rush of intense joy.

But the problem is that feeling doesn’t last and your body quickly crashes and starts to demand another “fix.”

If you continue this pattern over a period of time the sugar doesn’t stimulate the same pleasure as before…so you have to eat more.

More sugar means more high-calorie food that begins to pile fat onto your waistline, butt, hips, and thighs…

Over time trying to remove this quick and predicable high makes your brain rage back…producing a flood of intense cravings that can pull you into your pantry for a late night raid against even your fiercest determination.

And here’s the scariest news…this addiction can develop at a light speed pace in as little as just 3 weeks and continue to haunt you for years on end…

So if you’ve been struggling for years with low energy, chronic irritability, feeling foggy and “checked out,” and desperately trying to lose weight or even burn off that little pooch belly that torments your waistline…

It’s Not Your Fault!

You’ve been duped by a drug that is legal, socially acceptable, and nearly impossible to avoid.

It follows you around, like an assassin hiding out in every morsel of food you put in your body.

Packaged under unassuming names and marketed in so-called “healthy” alternatives to the high-fat snacks that dieticians have been harping against for decades.

All the while, the sneaky sugar demon is creating a powerful dependence in your brain that makes a heroin addict look sensible and self-controlled by comparison.

Your inability to control your hunger, to avoid those late night cravings, or to continue to fill your face even after you’re already full is the result of your brain demanding more and more of this toxic, addictive substance.

And as bad as it sounds, that’s just the beginning…

Because the “Toxic Hunger” that sugar creates…those insatiable cravings that call out to you and demand to be satisfied aren’t even half of the story.

How Sugar Is Literally Starving Your Body’s Cells All While Triggering “Toxic Hunger” That Piles On Rolls Of Unsightly Belly Fat and Rots You From the Inside Out…

As nasty and powerful as the insatiable, drug-like cravings can be…

It’s not even half the story on how destructive, poisonous, and ravaging the effects of chronically over-feeding your body with this sugar truly are.

Now: imagine that every cell inside of your body were literally starving.

Imagine that each cell were malnourished, shriveled, and looked like this:


I realize that the image above may be hard to look at and might cause a very strong reaction.

But it’s important to understand that this is the effect that Toxic Hunger is causing inside of your body’s cells right now.

See: sugar is what dieticians call an “anti-nutrient.

It actually forces your body to use more nutrients than it provides…

So that when you consume too much your cells are blocked from receiving the essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins that they need.

When this happens your cells become malnourished, shriveled, and lifeless.

Too much sugar competes with your cell’s natural ability to soak in the nutrients they need to neutralize toxins, stabilize their structure, support their healthy metabolic function, and retain their youthful shape.

When you eat too much sugar, you’re actually reducing your body’s ability to shuttle nutrients into your cells by causing key hormones to become less effective.

Specifically, the master hormone insulin that is responsible for helping every nutrient in every bit of food you eat to actually get into the cells where it is needed most.

When you overfeed your body with sugar, like almost everyone eating the Standard American Diet of highly processed food is…

You’re causing every cell in your body to become hyper resistant to insulin.

As a result, much needed nutrition and antioxidants that your cells desperately need to scrub away harsh chemicals and poisonous compounds that are leftover from its normal functions can’t get in

What happens next…is an excessive build up of these destructive chemicals that makes every cell in your body look like the rotten teeth of a chronic methamphetamine addict.

Your body doesn’t just need you to feed it these compounds to keep it from breaking down…it needs these compounds to actually get inside the cells themselves where these harsh chemicals are made.

What happens next is that these nasty, destructive chemicals cause changes to your very own DNA, turning on genes that cause your cells to die at a faster rate.

So if your skin has started to take on the fine lines, wrinkles, and dry, flaky appearance before your days…sugar addiction is the likely culprit.

Frau zeigt ihre CelluliteHow Sugar Is Destroying Your Heart Health

As your body’s cells become less and less capable of getting the nutrition they need…

As your insulin sensitivity continues on it’s downward spiral leaving every cell in your body a malnourished, toxic, and shriveled mess…

The excess sugar builds up in your blood stream and the only way that your body can begin to get rid of it is to turn it into fat.

Fatty deposits begin to bulge your stomach, making your jeans feel tight and restrictive, making you look older, dimpling your thighs and arms with that pocked, ugly cellulite that makes you embarrassed to wear revealing clothing.

But that’s just the damage you can see!

The positively terrifying truth is that all that extra sugar is forming fatty deposits inside of your arteries and blood vessels, cutting off blood flow and jacking up your risk of heart attack and stroke to dangerous levels.

And all the while…you’ve been duped into thinking that getting more aerobic exercise and avoiding saturated fats are the secret to heart health.

The Visible Sign That Your Risk Is At Potentially Deadly Levels RIGHT NOW – Is The Dreaded “Sugar Belly”

That bloated, round, ugly belly fat that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how often you workout or how many low calorie diets you cycle through.

That’s because your sugar belly can’t get the blood flow and fat burning enzymes it needs to start to melt away the extra fat.

So you continue to suffer from that unsightly and embarrassing pooch belly making you look 10 years older.

If you think that unattractive pooch is just making you look worse at the beach…think again.

It could be a visible sign that heart-destroying damage is flaring up inside of your body’s arteries as we speak.

How Sugar Is Cranking Up Your Risk For Cancer To Dangerous Levels

When “Toxic Hunger” overtakes you and your insulin sensitivity starts to decline excess sugar will begin to build up inside of your blood.

This creates a syrupy energy source to feed budding cancer tumors that can begin to grow at out of control rates…

Beyond the extra fuel source for rogue body cells…sugar actually competes with Vitamin C a nutrient that’s critical for white blood cells to function and help you have a healthy immune system.

Without healthy white blood cells to scavenge potentially mutant body cells that can become cancerous…your body is more vulnerable on not 1 but 2 fronts!

If this weren’t alarming enough, new research is showing that cancer cells have even more receptors for insulin than healthy cells making them grow at faster rates…

Meaning that if you’re struggling with this nasty epidemic addiction it’s more than just your looks, energy levels, and mood that’s at stake…

It’s your life!

Who I Am And How I Discovered The Sneaky Conspiracy To Keep You Locked In A Prison Of “Toxic Hunger” That’s Ravaging Your Looks and Your Health


My name is Meredith,

But many of my clients have started to call me the “Sugar Savior…”

Because I have a reputation of helping even the most hopeless sugar junkies to permanently, quickly, and painlessly kill their Toxic Hunger, blast off their bloated sugar bellies, and reveal the youthful, healthy, and energetic person lying dormant inside of them.

And this journey to discover the secret to permanently destroying the chains that bind so many modern men and women to their sugar addictions all started with a horrible tragedy.

I was on summer break from college and just relaxing at home one night with my mom when the phone rang.

She answered it in the normal way but suddenly, a deafening silence rang out from the kitchen…I heard a grief stricken scream fill the whole household and I went into the kitchen to find out what had happened.

My mom was on her knees, her eyes clenched tightly and her mouth openly emitting wails of shocked, tortured sadness.

I just stood there watching hopelessly as shockwaves of grief rang over her and my own feelings started to well up before I had even fully discovered what was wrong.

She whimpered as she recounted my uncle’s death when he slipped into a diabetic coma and ran into the back of a parked trailer…

I remembered hearing stories of him as a funny, pleasant man who always wore a smile.

But he had a simple weakness…as a diabetic he was under careful orders at all times to limit his intake of sugar.

I recall as a very young girl memories of him horsing around in the front yard and watching him come out to share his latest joke or crazy story he would make up on a whim.

He often came out to sneak a little fix of his primary vice…a sweet tooth that could only be sated with Snickers.

I remember my mom telling me how he would break off a little piece for me and my cousins to share as a reward for not telling my aunt about seeing him eat candy bars.

He was a sweet, loving, and truly amazing man and his death left a hole in my life that I continue to feel to this very day.