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Now You Can Turn Off “Toxic Hunger” Withdrawals and Drop an Extra 5 Pounds... Making it Downright  Enjoyable to Kick the Toxic Habit With These Sumptuous Done-For-You Comfort Foods

It’s Meredith again and I just wanted to again congratulate you on making such an awesome decision for your health, happiness, and overall well-being by choosing to break free from the chain of sugar addiction from your life.

I want to make sure that you get the absolute best results that are possible while shutting down your “toxic hunger” on a gene level by chemically programming your brain to flip OFF the switch that’s causing your runaway cravings.

And given that you flat out refuse to accept anything less than the best for yourself…

Let me show you how you can not only shut down your “toxic hunger” quickly and painlessly but also…

Drop an Extra 5 Pounds and Make it Downright Enjoyable for You to Break Your Toxic Addiction With These Delectable, Done-For-You Tasty Treats

There’s one problem I keep running into over and over with my personal clients…

They love the 5-day detox and are totally thrilled with the blueprint to deactivate the addiction gene that keeps them chained to sugar dependence.

But they aren’t 5 star chefs that can easily whip up the satisfying comfort foods they crave while still staying inside the boundaries of the breakthrough detox plan.

Look I know first hand how difficult it can be to withdraw from sugar dependence and even though the plan I outline helps you short-circuit the uncontrolled cravings using targeted nutrition to switch off toxic hunger at it’s source…

Most folks just don’t know how to prepare satisfying meals using these unfamiliar ingredients.

And even if you’re a seasoned clean eater that pays close attention to what you put in your mouth…having to come up with delicious recipes on the fly can be a real challenge…

Especially if you’re active, busy, and pressed for time.

Which is why I designed these delicious and satisfying taste treats to make it not just easy but downright enjoyable to delete your toxic hunger withdrawal once and for all.

I call it the…

Ultra Lean Toxic Hunger Crushing Upgrade

This takes out all of the guess work and makes it 100%, brain-dead simple for you to not just blast through the 5 Day Detox…

But fuel your future of sugar independence.

Making sure you stop toxic hunger dead in its tracks and keep it permanently dead and buried.

See…the biggest problem is that the super food detox you’re about to install into your body that will reprogram your taste buds at a genetic level involves using a few ingredients that are outside the box for most folks raised on the modern processed diet.

Even some of my clients who’d been carefully monitoring what they ate for years had trouble with these foods…

Not because they are unpleasant…but just because they’re not what they’re used to.

And I understand exactly where they were coming from because during my own journey out of Toxic Hunger I had to learn to use these foods in my own diet.

Even trained nutritionists with a background in biochemistry can have a tough time with sugar addiction because let’s be honest…most of the foods we have learned to love are usually packed with sugar and over-processed carbs.

So I started to experiment with new ways to blend them into recipes that already tempted my taste buds and gave me that warm feeling in the core of my being.

It took a while and a few of the recipes I dreamed up failed to deliver the tantalizing flavor I was hoping for.

But with a little help from some friends in the culinary industry I was able to design some super simple and done-for-you recipes that will not just turn OFF toxic hunger and bring your hormones into balance…but do it with bright, delicious, and satisfying food you’ll look forward to eating.

This collection of simple, easy, and done-for-you recipes to make you feel like you’re cheating your way to a leaner, more youthful, and vibrant body.

Here’s What You’ll Receive Instant Access to When You Customize Your Order Today at 89% Off

Ultra Lean Craving Killing Breakfasts - $37 Value

  • Enjoy a rich, succulent smoothie packed with hunger-killing protein and high-octane nutrition to turn your body into a blast furnace of fat burning power
  • A crisp, sweet, and vibrant fruit bowl that pleases your eyes and your tongue and packs your cells with the toxin-killing super power your body is starving for
  • Fill yourself up with a creamy filled avocado scented with smoky cumin and topped with roasted cherry tomatoes that ignites a rave of pleasure in your taste buds while it primes your body with all-day energy that never runs out
  • A velvety porridge loaded with slow-burn carbs that will even out your insulin levels and tantalize your tongue with smooth, sweet vanilla accents
  • How about some toasted Rosemary bread dripping with creamy, sweet grass-fed butter that’s loaded with savory flavor and fuel to kill your hunger and jumpstart your day

Just to name a few…

And we’re just getting started because you’re also getting…

Ultra Lean Craving Killing Lunches - $37 Value

  • Juicy, satisfying salmon burgers set off with earthy paprika and brightened with herbs and aromatics that drip with delicious flavor and fill your belly with satisfying protein that won’t leave you with the late afternoon energy crash.
  • Sweet and succulent scallops crusted in coconut oil and paired with crispy asparagus to light up your taste buds with this sea-inspired adventure
  • Maybe you’d like to try some aromatic roasted tomatoes dripping with sweet, meaty flavor to fuel your afternoon with without loading you down.
  • Dig into a buttery curry bursting with deep spice and rich flavor that will warm the core of your being and keep you satisfied for hours while dousing your body with high-octane metabolic fuel to help you incinerate stubborn fat without sacrificing flavor.

And now get ready for the main event, because you’ll also be getting…

Ultra Lean Craving Killing Dinners - $37 Value

  • Tender lamb and green peas accented with the sweet, mellow flavor of roasted garlic and set off with a bright burst of fresh chopped cilantro.
  • Maybe a succulent roasted chicken brushed with Earthy paprika and savory rosemary and served with sweet, roasted carrots that sooths your hunger and slims your waistline.
  • Meaty grass-fed flank steak stuffed with spinach, herbs and garlic so that you pack your body with high quality protein and keep you full until breakfast…the thought of a late night pantry raid won’t even cross your mind.

This recipe guide is packed with delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals that will install fat-blasting power into your metabolism while it turns off the surge of “Toxic Hunger” that’s keeping you chained to sugar addiction.

But when you customize your order today you’ll also get:

Plus When You Take Action On This New Customer Discount Today…You’ll Get These 2 Youth Enhancing, Belly-Flattening Bonuses For FREE

Personalized E-Mail Consultation - $197 Value

My top priority is to make sure that you’re completely satisfied and get the absolute best results possible.

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed when you’re starting anything new or upgrading your lifestyle in any way and the last thing I would want is for you to be held back because of confusion or an unanswered question.

So I’ve decided to include a personal one-on-one e-mail consultation so you can get your questions answered.

I won’t pass you off to my assistant or customer support staff.

You’ll get access to me personally and I’ll guide you through all the mazes and pitfalls so you can reach the promise land of a slimmer, more toned, and youthful figure free from the toxic ravages of sugar addiction.

50 Organic Body Scrub Recipes  - $57 Value

Where “toxic hunger” does its worst is to your largest organ…your skin.

Sugar competes with the nutrients you need to activate a swell of anti-aging power inside of your cells and nowhere is this more obvious than in your skin.

If your complexion is dry, brittle, and shows fine lines or wrinkles…especially in your brow, the corners of your eyes or your mouth…

That’s a sign that your skin cells are starved for the kind of nutrition they need to maintain a supple feel and radiant glow.

These 100% organic body scrubs are a cinch to prepare and take only minutes.

You’ll use your local grocery store as your personal dermatology clinic and mix up some age-defying body scrubs that will rejuvenate your skin with a silky smooth appearance.

Best part is you’ll save a fortune by buying and prepping these scrubs yourself, not to mention save yourself from all the additives and fillers that the big companies add to these products to fatten their profit margins.

This Is the Ultimate Done-For-You Package Worth Well Over $297
But Not Today! Now You Can Upgrade to the Customized Belly Slimming Package Plus the 2 Free Bonuses for 89% Off the Normal Price

Normally this entire package would sell for well over $297, which is an absolute steal if you think about how many time, money, and effort you’ll save over the coming months and years, however…

Since you showed your trust in me by picking up the Lean Belly Now system today, I want to do something special for you…

To make sure you get the absolute best results possible, so the next time you meet up for dinner with your friends you can completely shock and awe them with your amazing new body…

Which is why I want to make this as affordable as possible for you.

So if you upgrade your order right now to include all the done-for-you cookbooks and fat-burning recipes, the complete grocery guide, and the private email consultation that my personal clients pay me hundreds of dollars per month for…

You can take advantage of this limited time 83% discount.

That’s Right You Get Everything Bundled Together for a One-Time Only Payment Of Just $37


And there’s absolutely NO RISK on your part because you’re covered by our 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee…


So if you for any reason you feel like you didn’t get 10x the value for what you paid for, you will receive ALL of your money back with no questions asked.


**Remember: This offer is ONLY for new customers who are action takers and want to take their results to the next level and get their leanest body EVER without any confusion or guesswork…


Obviously I can’t keep this discount up forever and this offer will never be made to you again at any time for any price.

So if you want to achieve your lightest and leanest body ever with a flat belly to match…

Then you need to click the “Add to My Order” button below and your new customer discount will instantly be applied to include the entire Customized Belly Slimming Package at 89% Off.

Now Only $297 $67 $37

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