5 Things That Are Killing Your Sexy

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4. You
re Getting Hammered

Now we are talking alcohol...

But the experts are telling you that the polyphenols in red wine are good for you… right?

Um yes that is true... BUT don’t drink the whole bottle! You and I both know that taco bell sounds way better after a few drinks!

Pro tip: 1 glass of wine or a cocktail is not going to make you obese, but be mindful of your frequency of consumption. Another good rule of thumb is stay away from the sugar mixers… tequila on the rocks is my jam when there’s booze to be had.


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5. Youre Swollen

Not like "oh man your biceps look ‘swoll" more like...

"OH man your belly looks ummm swollen."

Okay maybe not that bad, but I am sure you have felt bloated after a salty meal… right?

Yep, that’s the excess salt kicking in!  A surplus of salt causes water to move from your bloodstream into your skin, which is why a daily dose of Fritos will give you an all over swollen look (not to mention that Fritos are one of the worst things ever!).

Even if you are not a table-salt hog you have to be mindful of all the added salt in the foods that you eat!

Watch out for high sodium foods like: canned food, salad dressing, deli meats, and even some dairy products like cottage cheese.

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