3 Nutritional Powerhouses No One Is Talking About...

Here are three things to start implementing into your diet, TODAY, that you’ve likely never heard of.  These three nutritional powerhouses will turn up the heat on your metabolism and help you get into those summer clothes faster than ever…

1. Add Maca to your coffee to battle menopause...

Rich in vitamin C, E and B vitamins, Maca is notorious for being an excelling hormone stabilizer.  Known as the “Peruvian Ginseng,” Maca has been proven to relieve menopause symptoms such as  hot flashes, sleep disruptions, night sweats, and weight gain.

Add a teaspoon in your morning coffee to kickstart your metabolism!


2. Add Moringa to your smoothie to fight your belly fat...

Dubbed as the “World’s Most Useful Tree”, Moringa is one of the best kept nutrition secrets.  High in both Quercetin and Chlorogenic acid, studies have shown that Moringa has the ability to help stabilize blood sugar levels, effectively “turning off”  hunger signals.

Try a teaspoons of Moringa powder in your next smoothie to keep you fuller for longer!  


3. Sprinkle some Goji berries on your salad for glowing skin...

A product of the great Himalayan mountains, Goiji berries are loaded with powerful antioxidants that help to fight free and harmful toxins in your boy.  In fact, goji berries have a particularly high Beta-Carotene percentage, contributing to their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects!

See How These Superfoods Are Used In A "Mysterious Ancient Diet"

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